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We are trying our best, but we want to do more...

As individuals and as a business, we feel we need to take extra care when it comes to our impact on our planet. Living in such a beautiful part of the world and living so close to the ocean, we are constantly reminded of the importance of looking after our home.

We want you to stay with us in the knowledge that we do everything in our power to reduce our plastic and carbon emissions.

What have we done so far:

- Going local, Reducing carbon emissions by using local companies - We use a Devon diary, a Devon butcher, a Devon jam maker, a Devon soap maker, Devon bees make our Devon honey, we stock Devon and Cornwall beer and Devon cider, Devon farmed chickens lay our eggs for breakfast, Devon soft drinks (with Devon apples!), Dorset Tea, Somerset Miles coffee and hot chocolate (not quite Devon, but close enough!) and our breakfast coffee beans are ground in Torquay!

- Recycling - All of our food waste is collected by the local council to be used to make compost. All recyclables (paper, plastic, foil etc) are either collected by the council or sent to the recycling centre.

- Reducing plastic - We are also trying to reduce single use plastic, so you won’t see any plastic bottles in our fridge. We have also replaced plastic for glass milk bottles from the milkman, all water bottles are glass and if you would like to re-fill your water bottle using our filter water, we encourage this!

- Decanter- Most hotels have little travel size, bite size items which accumulate lots of waste. We are fazing out the little plastic items and decantering instead! For example, replaced plastic mini-jams for glass jars, rid of yoghurt pots for bowls and mini soaps for larger re-fill bottles in each room.

- Lights - Instead of having the light in the hallway and staircase on 24 hours a day like most hotels, we now have movement sensors for the hallway light, so it's only on when needed! All rooms have eco light bulbs.

Whats in the pipeline?

- We are investigating the costs for having solar panels fitted to the roof.

- Smart reader fitted so we can see where our energy is consumed

- More efficient heating and water systems

- Eco friendly cleaning products - It's time to find alternatives

- Giving more alternatives to dairy products

We are always thinking of new ways to help with reducing our carbon footprint - If you can advise us on other ways we can improve on our green approach, please guide us! In the meantime, we hope we have inspired you to make the little changes.

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