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The sun has got her hat on!

I have to say, there is no place like Torbay when the sun is shining. William and I often say, 'It feels like we are in the Med!'. In a previous life before running a guest house, I used to live and work on yachts in the Mediterranean, and I have to say that the bays here are just as amazing! Don't take my word for it, many of our guests think this too.

We discovered Ansteys Cove recently, recommended by one of our guests. How stunning! The beach next door, which I am lead to believe is an old Edwardian beach, is unfortunately cut off to the public by foot, However, you can easily access by boat - well guess what... the small pebble beach in Ansteys Cove (which you can access) has kayaks for hire! Go and explore this secret beach! They also have paddle boards to hire, a cafe plus parking and toilets. What more could you ask for when the sun shining?!

Hip Hip Hip Hooray!

....Following writing this blog post, I then did some research on this cove. This beautiful cove was also loved by Agatha Christie. She used the name to inspire her for the name of Amyas, used in her novel Five Little Pigs, which came from a romantic picnic she once had with a gentleman called Amyas Boston at Ansteys Cove!

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