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Going Local...

I could not help but sing the song, 'Going loco, down in acapulco' whilst writing this blog - Sorry if it's now stuck in your head too....I guess I should be singing, 'Going Local, down in the South West'! The reason, well as many of you know, we pride ourselves in providing the best of ingredients using local produce and companies where possible. We thought we would thank all of our lovely suppliers for helping the cogs of our family run guest house in motion, especially during these busy summer weeks!

So, to thank them, we thought we would give them a little tribute on our blog. So here they are, our reliable, trustworthy and local suppliers who we would 100% recommend to anyone!

We are on the look out for a local supplier of guest toiletries - We are looking for natural products made in Devon. The items we are looking for are: soap/ hand-wash, hand lotion, shampoo and conditioner - If you are or know of anyone who makes these products, please get in touch!

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