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August has arrived and it is thriving!

The month of holidays has arrived - High season is upon us!

We were warned by other guest house owners that August will be the killer for hoteliers... How they were right! 4 months in and August has made us feel like veterans! Luckily there is so much to do when we have a moment spare.

The Anderton Funfair has set-up close to the sea front (at the end of our road) and will be here for the duration of August. I am yet to try out the bungee ball and win a teddy however we (I, William and Charlie) had a go on the cups and saucers today (rock and roll!)...

Also set-up on the sea front are many beach huts selling all sorts of treats. From Greek gyros and Spanish paella to locally sourced fruit ciders and chocolate muffins. It's thriving down on the promenade and we are loving the atmosphere!

Plenty to do down 'ere! Come on down and get involved in the summer madness!

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