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Spring is in the air!

I've always thought that the daffodils are hasty to start spring. With their bright yellow sun hats on chilling out in all of the British gardens in hope for some more sunshine. I think in some ways we at The Montana are a little like the daffodils. We've been out despite Doris' windy gales in hope for that break in the rain for some sun. Exploring local beaches such as Oddicombe beach and Abby Sands...Discovering hidden woodlands such as Stover Park (It's next door to Trago Mills, Newton Abbot if you didn't know).

Well now that the crocus flowers and the bluebells have joined the garden party, we can start thinking about Spring, can't we? Spring, our favourite season. When life seems to wake up, the thought of 'do I need to wear a coat today?' might spring to mind. Or you may even risk not going out wearing your now tired winter boots. The chocolate Easter eggs are filling the supermarket shelves and the constant reminder on TV ads to buy a Mother's Day card are all little daffodils telling us that we may not see snow again this year. (Not that we did in Torbay....)

So let's let go of our wooly jumpers, open a bottle of pink sparkle and embrace the fact that winter is behind us and spring is here! It is March after all! What better way to brush off winter by booking your next long weekend away? x

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